Site Remediation

Site Remediation

NSW Public Works specialises in management of contaminated sites for NSW government agencies. It provides specialist advice and tailored services to meet regulatory requirements under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997.

Using NSW Public Works to project manage remediation of contaminated sites offers a whole-of-government approach to managing the risk of contamination and reducing the end cost to government.

Contaminated land is land contaminated by hazardous substances which may pose a risk to human health and/or the environment.

Common land uses which are known to cause contamination include service stations, heavy industry, airports, tanneries, wood treatment sites, landfills and cattle dips. Cleaning up contaminated land is an increasingly urgent and expensive problem, and it's an issue which has received growing public attention in the last three decades. It is estimated that in New South Wales there are around 7,000 sites requiring some level of clean up.

What NSW Public Works can offer

Contaminated sites typically present a wide range of issues that require specialised technical expertise and there are also social, economical and legal implications. NSW Public Works is familiar with these issues and complements this knowledge with its geological and geotechnical expertise and its ability to manage complex remediation projects on time and on budget.

It is familiar with all relevant NSW legislations and guidelines, planning and development control process and local government regulations. This means it can determine the extent of site contamination, offer advice on remediation options, legal requirements and project costs, and offer a range of solutions for managing the site.

Options for site management include:

  • asset planning - lease or dispose options
  • procurement options
  •  infrastructure partnerships
  • development opportunities
  • risk assessment
  • insurance provisions
  • legal services
  • community consultation.

Clients can choose from a full suite of project management services:

  • design of remediation works
  • contract documentation
  • calling the assessing tenders
  • contract management
  • management of statutory obligations
  • occupational health, safety and rehabilitation
  • industrial relations
  • environmental management
  • site validation and monitoring.


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Project Officer
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