Innovative remote technology allows Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plant to operate during a flood event

The remote management system included in the new Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) quickly proved its worth as just days after commissioning, the council remotely monitored the STP operation following complete isolation during a flood event.

The upgrade and expansion to Cootamundra- Gundagai Regional Council’s Gundagai STP, were delivered under the NSW Government’s $1 billion Safe and Secure Water Program, which ensures regional communities have the right infrastructure for the future.

The new treatment plant is now securely positioned above the 1:100-year flood level and designed to accommodate much needed population growth over the next 30 years. The new biological treatment is based on the Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration (IDEA) treatment process, in which microorganisms contained within the sewage treatment process aid to break down organic matters. The NSW Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Planning and Environment Water’s requirements for effluent reuse and environmental discharge into sensitive waters are managed through the STP design, allowing treated effluent to be used for irrigation on the local Gundagai golf course and council playing fields.

Key project highlights

  • Designed to meet projected population increases over the next 30 years
  • New remote management system upgrades
  • STP upgraded to modern standards, allowing irrigation of golf course and release to the river
  • Positioned above the 1:100-year flood level

“Our expertise in concept and detailed design of wastewater treatment plants meant council knew they were getting a quality product,” said NSW Public Works Principal Engineer Wastewater Brett Douglas. “Council were looking to include new technology with sustainable solutions, which is where the NSW Public Works team added value. That, paired with our role in stakeholder engagement, tender procurement, contract administration, and testing and commissioning, ensured a smooth process for council in developing this project from concept to delivery.”

Gundagai STP augmentation was successfully commissioned in July 2022, improving modern public health and environmental standards for the Gundagai community.

Gundagai STP - Water treatment
Gundagai STP - Aerial view
Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plan access