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Contact point

Sian or Daniela 1300 770 995

NSW Public Works manages the Plan Services function for Government. We provide the retrieval of digitised PDF files of more than 700,000 drawings of public buildings and other infrastructure constructed by or through the NSW Public Works over the last 200 years. Approximately 75% are architectural and engineering services drawings and 25% are drawings of the State’s major infrastructure (e.g. dams, sewerage schemes, bridges) and environment (e.g. rivers, harbours, reservoirs).

These resources are for anyone involved in relevant Government asset upgrade projects, compliance, and maintenance works. We are raising awareness more widely within Government, industry and the public that this important repository of building asset information is available. Our surveys have indicated a substantial acknowledgement, considerable ongoing demand, and continuing need for this service.

Plan Services offer these resources to state and local Government agencies, private sector consultants, heritage and building researchers, building trades and installation contractors, new asset owners, historians and the public.

Viewing of plans prior to ordering

Drawings can be viewed by prior arrangement with Plan Services ( in Microsoft Teams (virtually) if required.

Fee schedule for Public Works drawings*

  • Volume of Drawings requested per enquiry: Free
  • Plan list fee: $25 per plan list
  • 1 to 9 PDF plans: $30 each + $50 administration fee
  • 10 to 35 PDF plans: $22 each + $50 administration fee
  • 36 plans or more PDF plans: $14.50 each + $50 administration fee

* Note: the above prices include do not include GST and may be amended at any time.


Requests for drawings require security and building owner authorisation before release will be granted.

Payment method

The scalable fee for provision of the selected PDF’s will be quoted and then relevant costs required to be paid by credit card (preferred option) or EFT.

Other services

Plan Services also manages approximately 25,000 sets of the CAD drawings collection of the former NSW Public Works. These drawings are of projects from the 1980’s to 2016. Through a similar process, these drawings will be made available.

Reports in PDF such as heritage studies or Conservation Management Plan (CMP), etc. may be available at a cost of $250 each.

Contact for Plans


Phone:  1300 770 995

Contact for CAD

For further information and pricing please contact: Masud Parvez |