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NSWPW Natural Disaster Relief Assistance

Natural Disaster Relief Assistance Program

On behalf of NSW Reconstruction Authority, NSW Public Works administers natural disaster assistance to local councils, county councils and eligible community trusts following the issuing of a natural disaster declaration by the NSW Government.  The program provides financial assistance to councils to assist with the cost of restoring or replacing defined council owned, non-road, essential public assets.

Details of the type of assistance available, the eligibility criteria and how to apply are contained in the NSW Essential Public Asset Restoration Guidelines.

Other government agencies administer other aspects of the natural disaster assistance, for example, Transport for NSW for roadworks, the Department of Primary Industries for primary producers and the Department of Family and Community Services for personal hardship.

While the Commonwealth Government co-funds the NSW Government’s natural disaster assistance programs, the eligibility criteria and conditions of the NSW programs are determined by the NSW Disaster Assistance Guidelines. Notwithstanding this, as a joint funder of the natural disaster assistance some of the conditions of the are driven by specific Commonwealth Government Requirements. More information about the joint Commonwealth-State natural disaster funding agreement can be found in the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements

In general, NSW Public Works' role is to assess applications from councils against eligibility criteria, value for money and suitability of recommended works.  An offer of assistance is made and costs reimbursed when the works have been completed.  Payment is made to council after funds have been received from NSW Reconstruction Authority.

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