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Spotlight on staff: Development opportunity for Tamworth local

Tamworth local Harvey Carnall is in the third year of his Bachelor of Construction Management, which he studies by distance through the University of Newcastle. Since February 2022, Mr Carnall has also worked fulltime as a project assistant in the NSW Public Works’ Tamworth office.

“This role assists my studies immensely by being exposed to practical and technical knowledge in the office and NSW Public Works’ willingness to share data,” said the 22-year-old, who previously worked as a labourer. “It has been an interesting change leaving the tools after three years and now being involved in the safety side of construction.”

Mr Carnall has worked with colleagues on doing project administration, site inspections and safety audits. I have enjoyed being exposed to diverse projects, including the fishway at Toorale National Park, construction of new bridges at Cottan-Bimbang National Park, installation of heating and cooling units in regional NSW schools, and multiple fire station developments.”

“Positions such as mine are important in promoting local community growth and critical in developing local experience. It is often hard for young people to secure a job like this as the job requirements often require two to three years’ experience, which cannot be achieved without positions like mine.”

‘An invaluable opportunity’

Creating the entry-level position was the idea of Tamworth Regional Projects Coordinator Chris Hague. “I wanted to give a job opportunity to a young, regional person in their own hometown,” he said.

“By supporting the student with training as they complete their degree, they have an invaluable opportunity to learn in the field and put their theoretical knowledge into action.

“My hope is that Harvey builds his skills and experience, enabling him to win a higher-level position. NSW Public Works aims to support him to progress his career,” Mr Hague said.

Mr Carnall shares the same wish.

“I hope that my current position provides me with the necessary knowledge and experience to be a young, efficient project manager, which is not the typical fresh out of university student with little on-site knowledge or experience,” said Mr Carnall. “In the future, I would like to run my own company with the knowledge I have learnt from university and working with NSW Public Works.”

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Harvey Carnall (far right) on site with clients