Hunter New England Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme


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Lara Davis Principal Infrastructure Planning & Flood Risk

NSW Public Works has collaborated with DPE to plan and manage construction repairs to the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme, an infrastructure project to bolster flood resilience in the region. During a major flood event in 2022, NSWPW collaborated with partners to quickly repair a catastrophic levee failure by developing an innovative de-watering system. The emergency response teams worked tirelessly to restore the damaged levee, preventing further damage and safeguarding local communities.


The Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme is an integrated system designed to mitigate flood risk, benefitting more than 250,000 people across the Hunter River catchment. NSW Public Works was engaged by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to assess damage to property and infrastructure as a result of significant flooding experienced across the catchment during 2021 and 2022.

Our role

NSW Public Works inspected the riverbanks and levees and made recommendations for immediate repairs and planned future maintenance works. Following this, NSW Public Works were engaged to provide project management services for immediate urgent repair works across the catchment.

Working in consultation with DPE Water, NSW Public Works will undertake planning, investigation, design, procurement, and manage the construction works to repair the remaining critical flood-damaged riverbanks and levees, including future capital works programs at various locations within the catchment.


NSW Public Works has been instrumental in the ongoing maintenance and improvement of flood mitigation infrastructure, ensuring the Hunter Valley is better equipped to withstand severe weather events and protect its 250,000 residents and assets.

If you would like more information on technical and strategic floodplain risk management advice, please contact Lara Davis, Principal Infrastructure Planning & Flood Risk by email  or phone 0409 623 603.

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Hunter Valley 2022 floods drone video