Multiple regions NSW Crown Lands asset condition assessments


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NSW Public Works has evaluated the condition of more than 500 buildings at more than 90 sites owned by Crown Lands, providing updated asset data to support future maintenance.


NSW Public Works (NSWPW) and NSW Crown Lands formed a partnership in July 2022 and developed a scope to improve the Asset Management Maturity of Crown Lands.

  • Challenge: Crown Lands is traditionally a Land Manager and hasn’t viewed itself as an Asset Management Agency.
  • Approach: Improve capability, data knowledge and processes to meet TPP 19-07.
  • Solution: Work with Agency Partner with agility to collect asset data with varying requirements.

A flexible project plan was required to enable surveyors to communicate with regional teams and plan access and assess risks. The project plan also allowed for a dynamic decision-making process on the ground by the surveyors to add more asset groups to the assessments as needed, determined by the elements discovered.

3d point cloud capture perspective view Barraba Courthouse

Key project facts

  • Over 90 sites visited across NSW.
  • More than 500 individual buildings surveyed.
  • Over 22,000 built infrastructure elements assessed.
  • $40m worth of repairs estimated.

Our role

  • Condition surveys produced reports identifying the built assets, their condition, size, materials, risks and estimates for repairs.
  • Maintainable system and component asset information was collected at the required sites allowing for Facilities Management planning.
  • Forecast CAPEX for repairs based on collected asset data.
  • Strategic development for specific building assets with a focus on community benefits.
  • Production of the Asset Management Plans per Region and Asset Class.
  • Digital capture of priority Assets; including floor plans and 3D imaging.
Asset floor plan layout
Digital capture Barraba Courthouse


  • Updated asset data pertaining to more than 22,000 built infrastructure elements across more than 500 buildings and 90 buildings. All buildings had previously unknown conditions.
  • Forecasted estimates repairs to assessed elements over $40m.
  • Valuation information for building assets to aid in financial reporting.
  • Life Cycle planning enhancement for assessed building assets.
  • TPP 19-07 alignment ensuring best practice and Treasury compliance.
  • Risk management planning encompassing the identified risks at all locations.