Sydney TAFE Ultimo Campus Slate Roof Replacement


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TAFE Ultimo Campus, Building C (Former Technological Museum)

Slate Roof Replacement Works

The completed works to Building C, Ultimo TAFE were in response to ongoing water leaks where the original roof slates had reached the end of their functional life and had been patched numerous times.

Heritage Environment & Planning (HEP) and Heritage Stoneworks carried out a whole-building condition assessment to fully understand the building’s condition and recommended long-term solutions.

The first stage consisted of replacing the aging green (Vermont Green) slate roofing, battens, terracotta ridge tiles and restoration of the curved dormer windows.

The former Technological Museum was built in 1892 as part of the new Sydney Technical College complex, designed by the Department of Public Instruction’s architect, W.E. Kemp. The Technological Museum, operated in Building C until the exhibits were transferred to the converted powerhouse and tram depot complex, known as the Powerhouse Museum. The Powerhouse Museum administration remained in Building C until 1995. The building is now entirely occupied by TAFE NSW with an exhibition and conference venue on the Ground Floor, offices on the First & Second Floors and storage in the Basement and Attic.

The former Technological Museum building is a rare surviving example of a purpose-built nineteenth century technological museum building and was the first such building in Australia. In TAFE’s s170 register, Building C is identified as being exceptionally significant.

Now with the water leaks repairs, the next stage of the project is the façade works to repair the ornate windows and the elaborate stone carvings.

“The old roof was in a bad state, a patchwork of repairs over last few decades. It is so rewarding to see the 130 year slate being replaced and ready for the next 100 years!”

Graeme Erskine, Senior Heritage Project Manager

NSW Public Works project lead, Graeme Erskine and David Mason, Senior Heritage Specialist, provided recommendations and developed the scope for the slate replacement works.

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