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The ANZAC Memorial realised the original concept design of Bruce Dellitt, the memorial’s architect, for the armistice centenary in November 2018. Visitor numbers are forecast to increase from 200,000 up to 300,000 over the three years following completion of the centenary project. NSW Public Works was engaged to develop an asset management plan that effectively supports the service delivery needs of the vision for the expanded ANZAC Memorial facility, while meeting the requirements of the Trustees, NSW Government and visitors in terms of suitability, heritage, quality and accessibility.

NSW Public Works assisted with defining strategic priorities, goals and KPI’s in line with cluster and Premier objectives.  We consulted with key stakeholders to develop budgets for the additional costs of running an extended facility for built, collection, technological and human resource assets.  Options were sought to leverage from existing whole of government service contracts to effectively procure some of these services.  NSW Public Works developed a detailed 10-year recurrent maintenance and lifecycle analysis of all building services and identified the increased statutory responsibilities over the ensuing 10-years.

The Plan identifies the funding gaps against service goals in terms of hard maintenance services, soft maintenance services, ICT delivery, exhibition collection services and human resources requirements. This allowed ANZAC Memorial Trust to effectively procure some of the required services and to seek appropriate funding to manage the expanded facility into the future.